2017 Projects

Finally some pictures of some finished products!  Kaleb’s checkerboards are done.  Those were a combined labor of love by Jordan and myself and hours & hours of Kaleb painting & putting colors together- complete with names.  He is now moving on to creative one-of-a-kind mosaics and ornaments.

I have managed to put together 10 Martin houses a little at a time.   Part of my bigger goal is to use up my ‘junk-stash’, so I’ve been knocking out some quick up-cycled creations- all with porch-decor in mind.

Jordan has been a huge motivator in our workshop this year.  As well as producing a decent collection of handmade pieces of furniture on his own, he has helped Kaleb with all of his projects directly as well as by example.  He’s helped me with several major shop projects and ‘farm’ jobs along the way.  It has been really good to bounce ideas off him for all of our creative ventures this year.

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