About Us


We live in a very old farmhouse that we have gutted down to the studs.  We have learned a lot and made it our own.  I have a husband and three grown children.  One of them has autism.

Bob and I are transplants from the city, but fell in love with country living more than thirty years ago.  We chose to raise and home school our children all the way through high school.    My youngest son, Jordan set out on his own early and is independent, finding his way up in the city.  My daughter, Rebekah is an award winning wildlife artist, who began our shared love for horses.

My oldest child, Kaleb is now in his mid-twenties, living with us in our retirement.  Our goal is to help him find something he enjoys doing working with his hands, hopefully finding profit from it.  At the same time, we want to build a support network for when we are gone.  His main motivator is buying itunes cards for his ipad.  He collects movies from Disney to action thrillers.

I am a hobby person.  Some of that will be reflected in this blog-site as time goes on.  I have been a creative mess-maker for as long as I can remember.  The artistic, visionary gene runs in my side of the family.    My husband has been there all along the way to support every new venture  through the years- reluctantly at first, but now he just  knows to go along with whatever grand idea I come up with next.  Mechanic by trade he keeps all of my machines running smoothly-  otherwise  he spends his time reading or puttering in his shop.

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