Anyone familiar with an autistic person knows about the spectrum.   Our claims on the spectrum are perseverating (insist, pursue to the limit, redundant), oppositional-ism (180 no matter what),  emotionally hypersensitivity (perceptive, intuitive, visceral).   Not easy to find direction, let alone guide.   As in my previous post, all I can find to do is follow my own passion and try to include Kaleb.

Family and Friends

Well, I think we are on to something.   Vintage Market Days this past weekend opened up a new world for both of us.   So many friends and family came out to support… I think were also hoping to enjoy, but it was too hot and crowded for many.   This was not foreseen and ended up beyond anyone’s control, so we all made the best of it.  This made it even more meaningful to see so many supportive, positive friends and family.    Sincere thanks to all of you who came on our account.   I also met lots great people with a connection to autism in some way.  Thank you to all who bought our crafts and have joined our blog.  Having been a part of this event has made me a big fan of this particular VMD branch and the management of it.  They were an incredible combination of professionalism and down to earth friendly, people.



Kaleb sold out of his trays the second day.   This was a huge accomplishment for him.   We had talked about how much he could potentially make,  but tried to prepare him for not selling them all as well.    Being ‘disabled’ all his life, he has never had that feeling of empowerment of earning his first decent paycheck.  Even at the sheltered workshop, he earned a miniscule amount.   Before this, money for Kaleb has always meant spending it on Itunes cards as soon as he gets it.  Now that he has seen that he has income earning potential, he is aspiring higher.  We opened a checking account for him, and he is saving for a new iphone.   There will be more shows, so hopefully, aspiration will turn into artistic expression.

payday smile

The “I sold them all!” smile 

Like any kid, a parent has to expose them to activities, whether they ‘take to it’ or not. It’s true, success builds success. Several people asked me if Kaleb liked ‘woodworking’… I had to say not particularly, but he has discovered the feeling of accomplishment, of earning real money on his own and of self-empowerment. I think in time, he will come to love creativity as I do.   He will grow in skill, and I am anticipating seeing just what he is capable of and how far he will take this.   It’s not just a job, it’s an adventure.

new lath

New materials for fall crafts