Spring 2018

This year’s craft line-ups are taking shape.  We’ve done more inside projects because it’s just been too cold to get out in our shop.  I’ve done a lot of things I always wanted to do & used up a lot of vintage fabric & notions that I’ve had for years.  Kaleb did a great job painting the speckled eggs- probably in time to explore more egg-type bowl fillers before our April show.  I have found them to be a timeless and versatile Farmhouse decorating staple.   Jordan has sorted through our stash of doors and has a couple of pew-style porch benches cut out & ready to finish.  We may be able to make some progress outside this week.   This is the week I plan to get my seeds started as well.  I’ll keep adding pictures to the galleries below as I get them.

Zona Rosa Shopping Center
8640 Dixson Ave
Kansas City, MO 64153

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Event Hours & Admissions

Thursday, Friday and Saturday, April 26-28th, 2018

10 am to 5:00 pm

General Admission Thursday early buying- $10  (Fri/Sat) $5

Admission for children under 12 is free. Cash and credit card are accepted at the gate.

2017 Projects

Finally some pictures of some finished products!  Kaleb’s checkerboards are done.  Those were a combined labor of love by Jordan and myself and hours & hours of Kaleb painting & putting colors together- complete with names.  He is now moving on to creative one-of-a-kind mosaics and ornaments.

I have managed to put together 10 Martin houses a little at a time.   Part of my bigger goal is to use up my ‘junk-stash’, so I’ve been knocking out some quick up-cycled creations- all with porch-decor in mind.

Jordan has been a huge motivator in our workshop this year.  As well as producing a decent collection of handmade pieces of furniture on his own, he has helped Kaleb with all of his projects directly as well as by example.  He’s helped me with several major shop projects and ‘farm’ jobs along the way.  It has been really good to bounce ideas off him for all of our creative ventures this year.

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Vintage Market Days ~ March 2017

The theme for this show is ‘Town & Country’ during St. Patricks Day week.   Oughta be a lot of green to kick off the spring season!   This will be a ‘first’ at transforming a parking garage into an inspiring, creative event!   Here are a few pics of how we have spent the beginning of 2017.

Vintage Market Days ~ November 2016


Who doesn’t like a festive, creative vintage shopping venue at the beginning of the holiday season?  I believe this new surge of handmade business- buying from local artisans and entrepreneurs is here to stay.  Vendors are getting better at creating and sourcing what the people want.  Prices are competitive compared to Etsy, but more than price is the unique finds in an all-sensory shopping experience that pops up for three days and is gone until the next season.

Wyandotte County Fairgrounds…13700 Polfer Road, Piper, Kansas… just North & west of the Legends area. 10-5 Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.


Sugar Mound Arts & Crafts ~ October 2016

Lanterns, birdhouses, gates, wreaths, signs and gourds …oh, and trays

Well, I didn’t do too much blog posting this summer, but have been busy in my workshop, yard and garden.   I did take a few pictures though.   I’ve  added some new crafts inspired by the creative talent at Vintage Market Days.    Sugar Mound Craft Festival is this weekend, and then the ‘Very Merry Affair’ Vintage Market Days in November.

First of all, Lanterns

I wanted to add some wooden lanterns for my welcome posts…   I had a couple of old exterior doors (really old, falling apart- wish I’d taken a picture!)   I noticed the groove in the stiles & thought that would hold glass and upcycle this incredible ancient chippy patina…    So I started cutting them up.


This is how they ended up.   I won’t be making anymore lanterns– they took a lot of time. That’s crown molding on the tops.   I have a new appreciation for Hobby Lobby lanterns.  …and notice there is no glass.



Here is a few birdhouses.   I did them in small lots of like finishes, tried to decorate each finish similarly, but using what I had in my junk stash.  All of them are neutral colors except the red. redhouses



I came into a great stash of liscense plates (thanks Joseph!) & found the perfect wood to put them on…

I have installed a couple in my yard.  This was a sunrise- beautiful morning. (unedited color)



Welcome Posts, Gates and Wreaths




Artemisia (Sweet Annie) wreaths.  This stuff smells heavenly.  The bittersweet grows down the road amidst the poison ivy.  These look a little skimpy though.




Kaleb’s Trays

Kaleb managed to create 56 more trays, but that’s it.  He has lost interest —  He will need a new project next year & I had an epiphany this morning what it might be.  More below…



Filler Crafts (bowl filler)

He helped with some smaller projects, but this summer was just too hot for him.


The candy corn bowl filler is from the triangle cut-offs of my birdhouse roofs.   The banner things are painted drop cloth.



New signs by my friends Laure and Emily (thank you!)   …Laure, I bought the Mercy sign from you.


This will hang from my porch post display in my booth.


Last, but not least Gourds!


My collection is growing, I had these stashed in the shed, so I put another layer of finish on them.


The wire is from the spiral notebooks of some of my kids schoolwork that I had cleaned out and burned earlier this year.


Above, bushel gourds, cured, cleaned and polished.  I love the natural mottling.

Below are lantern bowls I made last year.  I polished the outside and painted the interior with metallic craft paint.

You can  put potpourri or coffee bean and candles in these.  The warmth of the candle will release the fragrance.

 (I made a bunch of pillar candles as well)


I love to decorate with gourds in the fall.


This year was a bumper crop, so I’m thinking this will be a great project for Kaleb next year.  Maybe I can find him some paint or stain colors that are intense enough for him to enjoy, but still go with the season.


The trailer is half loaded, getting ready to go.  Already dreaming of ways to decorate for the Christmas Vintage Market Days in November!