This greenhouse has been a dream in the making for a very long time.  I’ve collected and gotten rid of multiple sets of windows finally settling on these given me by a remodeler friend in Butler… and some by a dear friend at church…  that ‘providentially’ matched.   This project, almost without exception went together like it was meant to be.    The two doors were found at two different times and locations and cost a grand total of $5.   The ladder is the other half of the one in my new workshop- an old extension ladder given to me by one of Jordan’s friends.  The sink base was free.   I didn’t get it done in time to start baby plants this year, but it has turned out to be the perfect location- situated on the south wall of our pole barn.  No shade in the winter, but it has morning and evening shade during the summer- making it a serene place to spend time in the mornings reading and drinking coffee.   (I keep my Bible in the top drawer)  One day I looked out the door & discovered a family of bluebirds nesting in a box I put up.