Hobbies Provide Relaxation

With the fast pace of life- even living on a farmstead, hobbies serve  many purposes.  The creative brainstorming process is a welcome time of processing ideas and expressing inspiration– usually found in nature.   Focus helps shut off internal chatter, a rejuvenating mental rest.

Hobbies Produce  Skills

Hobbyists tend to be come ‘collectors’ of skills which could someday come in very handy and necessary.  In addition to craft-specific skill, hobbies teach problem solving and a mind-set of using available resources- of which are plentiful on an old farm.

Hobbies Create Connections

Whether it is a crafting club or craft fair, meeting and getting to know fellow crafters is a  great way to create friendships and strengthen and sense of community in the sometimes isolated lifestyle of farmsteading.

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